Rear anti roll bar ? KW Variant 2

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Rear anti roll bar ? KW Variant 2

Beitragvon darren7 » Sa 9. Jul 2011, 17:32

Hello from UK,

I have 17" front and 18" rear, I have used KW Variant 2, but the springs that come with KW are not very good!!! They are very soft, when 2 people get in the car it rubs on arch liner, I have not lowered more than recommended.

I have found car drops a lot when 2 people get in, our other smart with Bilstien does not do this, its more solid.

I have also found there is a lot of body roll on the rear, the springs are very soft.

I would like to use stiffer springs, the old 450 had a rear anti roll bar, the 451 does not have this, its bad! do you have a kit for a rear anti roll bar?

Has anyone modified arch liners because of rubbing with big alloys?

Thank you
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